We can’t accomplish anything alone so our partners are vital to our goals in Haiti. Both in how we source our coffee as well as how we meet the needs of the people in the Beaudoin community.


Visit their official websites to discover more about their mission, vision and see how we can work together to make this dream of a transformed Beaudouin a reality.

Food for the poor

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An international ministry that has been serving faithfully in 17 Caribbean countries for the last 30+ years. Their ministry has transformed lives all over Haiti and their focus has now settled on the Beaudoin community in Jacmel. They have the resources and experience to give dignity to the lives of the hundreds of residents who live there.

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Five star coffee roasters

This local coffee roaster in Holly Springs, NC is so much more than meets the eye. Nelson Amoroso and his team have a heart to develop communities through their direct trade with farmers they build personal relationships with. Find out more about our coffee’s origin and the farmers who grow it at De La Finca Coffee Importers. Their organic, shade grown, single origin coffee roasted in small batches is not only delicious to the taste, it’s good for the world.


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